Embracing Body Positivity with Popilush’s Shapewear Dresses

Long gone are the times when women would only use bras and panties under their clothes to maximize their sexiness. That’s because the shapewear has become the savior that helps hide the extra pounds and makes sure the body looks perfect. In addition, most of them are using a slimming jumpsuit to ensure their tummy rolls don’t show much.

Having said that, shapewear is gaining popularity and some brands are incorporating them right into the dresses. So, if you want these two-in-one solutions as well, Popilush has some amazing choices, and we are sharing some of them!

Shapewear Long Sleeve Crew Neck Backless Midi Dress

When we started finding the dresses and came across this red one, we couldn’t help but add it to the list. It has a body-hugging design and a backless design, which makes it perfect for formal events. The dress is made from high-elastic nylon material, so your figure is accentuated. There is a crew neck on the front, so you can show off the collarbone.

The waist and stomach areas are lined with mesh, so your stomach looks flat. In addition, the dress looks extremely elegant even though it’s bold red!

popilush long sleeve


No Shaper Crew Neck Sleeveless Maxi Lounge Dress

We all know some women who like getting ready every day, even though they’ve to stay home. If you are one of them, you can get your hands on this lounge dress. In fact, it’s perfectly comfortable yet stylish for road trips. Popilush has used modal ribbed fabric for this dress, so it’s easy on the skin.

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The best thing about this dress is the addition of anti-slip silicon, so the shapewear doesn’t roll under your dress. In addition, the crotch area has cotton, taking away the need to wear underwear.

popilush long dress


Shapewear Slip Maxi Lounge Dress

This is another amazing option with thin straps on the shoulders so you can show off the sexy neckline and collarbone. The lounge dress has a bodysuit stitched into it, helping you show your best shape. The dress is integrated with a butt lifting technology, meaning accentuation of the hips. What we love about this dress is that it shapes the entire body, so there’s no need for something extra.popilush maxi long dress


Shapewear Faux-Suede Long Sleeve Midi Dress

If you are a fan of long sleeve bodycon maxi dress, we are sure you’ll fall in love with this midi dress as well. As compared to other dresses on the list, this one is made from suede fabric, which helps create the illusion of a slim and thin body. Also, the waist will look thin. The dress has a square neckline, so your neckline will look elongated. In addition, there is a body-shaping mesh, so your stomach will look flat.

On top of everything, there are stopper cups with transparent elastic covering them so your chest has sufficient support. Also, this dress is extremely versatile, meaning you can pair it with flats, boots, or heels.

popilush midi dress


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